Frequently Asked Questions


You have questions about greeny+ and our innovative products? In our comprehensive FAQ section, you'll find answers about our product range, from greenyGARDEN HOME to our advanced greeny+ MegaFactories. We're here to help you get all the necessary information so you can make the most of your greeny+ experience.

General questions about greeny+

Payment & Money Back Guarantee

In order to take part in this exclusive pre-sale of the greenyGARDEN HOME or greenyWATER, it is necessary to pay the preferential price in full in advance so that an order can be placed. This allows us to source the materials we need and finance production.
As soon as production of your greenyGARDEN HOME or greenyWATER begins, you can easily receive a refund of the amount at any time if you want to cancel.
In this way, you open your place to someone else who is happy to receive the greenyGARDEN HOME or greenyWATER several months earlier.

Alternatively, according to our voluntary policy, you can return your greenyGARDEN HOME or greenyWATER within 60 days of receipt and receive an immediate full refund.

Which countries are delivered?

CURRENT STATUS February 2024:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • (Spain is under review)

Is payment in installments possible?

Installment payments have been possible INDIVIDUALLY via Paypal since January 25, 2024.

You can select 3,6,12 and 24 months.

In order for PayPal installment payment to be activated, either one is required
→ Regular use of the Paypal account was necessary in advance
→ or several (at least two) payment options with a good credit rating.

Intensive work is being done on additional installment payment options.

How much are the shipping costs in Austria and Germany?

Shipping costs and transport insurance are INCLUDED.

What happens to the commission payment after the cancellation expires?

If a product is revoked, the commissions will be countersigned again in the commission account.
If the commission account runs into the red, this can be deferred and offset again through new commissions.

Additionally see:
- Section 7, greenyGUARDIAN commission plan

- Section 9 greenyANGEL commission plan

Will there be another greenyGARDEN TABLE? If so, when?

We will address this topic in Q4 2024.

→ But he will in the future
no longer called greenyGARDEN TABLE.


What is included in the initial equipment of the greenyGARDEN HOME?

  • 1 x planting tower (consisting of 6 elementary individual parts)
  • 36 x plant inserts3
  • 36 x Seed Baskets
  • 36 x Plant Support Stakes
  • 1 x Tesla Coil
  • 1 x pH Set
  • 1 x Gardena pump including timer
  • 1 x Gardena water connection for easy filling of the 72l water tank
  • 1 x Digital Water Level Indicator
  • 1 x greenySEED BOX / SEED STARTER SET / cultivation starter set (enough seeds for one year made up of seeds from various leafy vegetables, salads and herbs)
  • greeny+ plant fertilizer (0.5l) and possibly anti-pest set (0.5l)

What are the 3D printed elements of the greenyGARDEN HOME made of?

The next evolution of PLA - The new PLA NX 2 from Extrudr is a bio compound based on 100% renewable natural resources.

What is meant by “biofilament”?

The biofilament includes polylactides. These are polylactic acids, which are polyesters and are made up of lactic acid molecules. With the NX2, special properties have been developed by Extrudr to further improve the material.

PLA NX2 is a new generation of PLA with improved mechanical properties.

The filament is biodegradable according to ISO13432

Excerpt from DIN EN13432: Only certified products may be marked with the protected compostability symbol “KEIMLING”.

All further details of DIN EN13432 can be found at the following link:

Click here!

Where should I set up my greenyGARDEN HOME?

You have the freedom to set up your greenyGARDEN HOME in the location that works best for you. All that is required is that there is a power outlet and the room temperature is between 18 and 28°C.
The greenyGARDEN HOME is specially designed to take up little space with a diameter of only 66 cm and to fit in every corner of your home. With its height of 200 cm, it still offers enough planting space to provide your family with fresh salad, vegetables, herbs and fruit.

It is entirely possible to place your greenyGARDEN HOME on the balcony or terrace, as long as the temperatures are appropriate. Avoid direct frost and direct summer sunlight.

Do I absolutely need a water connection to fill my greenyGARDEN HOME?

No, there is also the option of 7x water tank with a 10L water jug
of the greenyGARDEN HOME. There is a sufficiently large opening at the top of the water tank.

If you want to use a water hose, we recommend a Gardena water hose. Also available at every OBI hardware store.

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Does the season play a role in plant growth in the greenyGARDEN HOME?

No, you just have to make sure that there is no -5°C in the winter or +45°C in the surrounding area.

The optimal temperature is 18 °C - 28 °C room temperature!

How fast do the plants grow?

This depends on the plant genus, plant species and the care of the plant, as well as the care of the growth process.
Salads and various herbs grow faster than, for example, E.g. zucchini or pumpkin.

Can I move the plants while they are growing?

Yes, the plants can be re-sorted and assigned as they grow in the greenyGARDEN HOME. Please pay particular attention to ensuring that the roots and the plant are subjected to as little stress and damage as possible.

It is also important to pay attention to the different plants
fit each other. You can find detailed information about this in the respective

Should I be worried about pests?

Of course, there is always the possibility that pests can get up to mischief. However, Greeny+ will also prepare treatment options in a detailed workup and present them clearly.

Internally developed solutions will therefore also be available in the future via the greeny+ online shop and are already included in the starter pack.

Do I need to add nutrients?

Yes! After a certain period of time, it is definitely necessary to add more nutrients. Greeny+ will also include formulated and prepared guidelines for each delivery.

Are Demeter seeds organic seeds?

Yes! Demeter seeds are exclusively organic seeds.

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Organic is the highest legal standard for the sustainable production of food in the EU and is regulated by the EU Organic Regulation.

Our association guidelines go beyond the EU organic standard. The biodynamic economy goes back to the impulses of Rudolf Steiner, who also initiated Waldorf education and anthroposophical healing at the beginning of the 20th century.

The organic pioneers have succeeded in continually developing Demeter as a modern and sustainable cultivation method. Biodynamic farming ensures, among other things, that the humus layer grows continuously.

This is proven by independent research that has examined the differences between conventional, biological-organic and biodynamic culture for over 40 years.

This is an important finding in times of climate change, because large amounts of carbon dioxide are bound in humus. This counteracts the greenhouse effect.

Can I use my own seeds?

Yes. It is possible to use your own seeds.

We at greeny+ recommend starting with easy-to-grow varieties based on the level of difficulty and then getting more complex.

greenySAAT BOXES are used for pre-sorted and assigned seeds
All needs can also be ordered in the greeny+ online shop.

Is it possible to carry out the installation/setup yourself and how much time does it take?

Yes, assembly takes less than 30 minutes for a single person.

How often does the system need to be cleaned?

  • A general basic check for 2-3 minutes once a week
  • Basic cleaning once a month
  • Intensive cleaning once a quarter

Is climate control necessary in the growing area?

No, climate control is only necessary if your long-term room temperature is 18 °C or 28 °C.

How long do the lights have to be on each day?

In general, the light requirement is 8-12 hours. The light can be adjusted in 3 levels, dimmable and its intensity depends on the plant category.

How much water does the greenyGARDEN HOME use?

This is shown to you by the individual water level, which you can recognize using optically sweeping water waves and light iodes. No matter how much is used, water consumption is about 95% less compared to conventional agriculture.

How much does a fully fueled and planted greenyGARDEN HOME approximately weigh?

72 kg water filling + approx. 15 kg empty weight + the weight of the plants.

Is the greenyGARDEN HOME rollable for easier repositioning (from the terrace to the house or at trade fairs)? - There are no wheels or handles visible in the photos/videos.

Yes, the greenyGARDEN HOME has retractable wheels that extend when the device is moved and make it possible for any age group to move the greenyGARDEN HOME.

Are there care instructions for the greenyGARDEN HOME for surfaces (body) based on the material properties of the organic filament?

Yes, these will be included with delivery.

How do I empty the water tank of the greenyGARDEN HOME if I want to clean it or if I want to transport it (e.g. when fully planted)?

As soon as the first products are delivered, you can buy a corresponding solution for COMPLETE emptying of the water tank in the online shop “Accessories section” .

Is there a pump system for complete emptying? Or does a residual amount of water always have to remain in the tank?

As soon as the first products are delivered, you can buy a corresponding solution for COMPLETE emptying of the water tank in the online shop “Accessories section” .

Why does the new greenyGARDEN HOME no longer have fans? Do the plants grow stably enough even without the movement caused by the “wind”?

No aeroponics tower in the world has a fan system. Should we one day come to the realization that small wind generators are needed to ensure better growth, this will of course be professionally developed and available as an optional accessory in the shop.

Does the greenyGARDEN HOME need maintenance? If yes, how often?

See instructions for use and depending on the equipment of the individual planting places. The intervals depend on the selection of vegetables,
Herbs and types of salad.

Further details can be found in the included instructions for use.

“Updates” are mentioned in the brochure ⇾ what do you need updates for? How do I receive these updates? How often do you need them? Are they free?

We will have more and more knowledge as time goes on.
New findings could result in changes to the 3D
printed parts of the greenyGARDEN HOME
are always only for the benefit of the cultivation for the respective user
i.e. There will always be updates based on findings, which are subject to a charge
available to purchase in the online shop.

Even if you have owned the greenyGARDEN HOME for 5 years or more, you can
You'll always be up to date with optional, cost-effective upgrades

Is there a way to detect the water level when filling?

Yes, this will be visible when filling using light diodes.

What materials are used for the hoses and what pump is used in the greenyGARDEN HOME?

Gardena is a partner for the greenyGARDEN HOME pump system as well as a partner for all hoses and timers.

How loud or quiet is the greenyGARDEN HOME? Is the bedroom suitable?

The volume is very reduced compared to the previous generation.
The pump is also somewhat insulated with a special housing.

Does the greenyGARDEN HOME have a level indicator/viewing window to check the water level?

Yes, it exists and is shown on a digital display.

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Will it be possible to switch on/off WITHOUT APP?

Yes, switching the greenyGARDEN HOME on/off will also be possible without the APP.

Will there be an app or timer to set the water & light cycles?

There will be NO app to start with. Gardena timers are installed in the greenyGARDEN HOME.

How does the water level indicator work?

There is a sensor system permanently installed in the water tank and light iodes indicate the amount of water contained.

How much electricity does the greenyGARDEN HOME consume?

Since it is the latest and most economical lighting technology, on 3 levels and dimmable, it depends on the set-up AND YOUR ELECTRICITY COMPANY.

Has/is a CE marking applied for the greenyGARDEN HOME? Or is it already available?

The greenyGARDEN HOME is COMPLETELY CE certified upon delivery, INCLUDING all installed components.

The electrical components such as the Gardena pump system including timer and SAMSUNG GROW LED LIGHTS are currently CE certified.


Is the Tesla coil integrated in the greenyWATER?

→ The greenyWATER brochure also includes an explanatory video from Arthur Tränkle himself, explaining why the Tesla coil is integrated and what benefits/purpose it serves for the end user.

Does the greenyWATER also work without electricity?

The greenyWATER only needs power for the Tesla coil. This only takes 10 minutes to create the structure of the water, which then remains constant for about a week.

A two-component filter system. Unique on the market.

After how many liters of water flow will I have to change the greenyWATER filter?

ON AVERAGE, the filter will need to be changed after 6,000-8,000L of water flow.
→ It ALWAYS depends on where you live and the water quality there.

We only give RECOMMENDATIONS. As soon as your water changes the taste, you should consider replacing it.

What exactly does Memon do in the greenyWATER?

  • electromagnetic fields
  • radiation
  • Electricity
  • and cell phone radiation (EMF's) .

The waves or frequencies “sent everywhere” are still present, but this technology neutralizes/harmonizes their “harmful” parts for the body.

This means that the water is always in a harmonious relationship with the body - it is renatured.