Into the FUTURE with 3D printing

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Innovative, Eco-Friendly, Customizable

Why 3D printing? The future of production at greeny+

At greeny+ we have chosen 3D printing as a core technology to break the boundaries of traditional production. This decision is based on our vision to create innovative and sustainable solutions that respect both the environment and our customers.

3D printing gives us exceptional manufacturing flexibility, meaning we can respond quickly to market demands and continually improve our products. This technology fits perfectly with our commitment to always be at the forefront of progress and to develop products that are both high quality and environmentally conscious.

Shaping the future with environmental awareness

greenyGARDEN HOME: Innovation in 3D printing

92 individual parts of the greenyGARDEN HOME are produced in our own greeny+ MegaFactories using 3D printing. The 3D printing process is not only more flexible, but also far more environmentally friendly than other production processes. We also work exclusively with organic filament. 3D printing also makes it possible to retrofit the greenyGARDEN HOME and adapt it to current developments.

The future of production

Into the future with Raise3D

3D printing is a pioneering production alternative that has long since reached industrial standards and will account for a market worth 90 billion dollars by 2030. Our partnership with Raise3D enables the use of professional industrial printers in our greeny+ MegaFactories.

greeny+ MegaFactory Baiersbronn

The start of a new era began on December 27, 2023. With the delivery of the new RAISE3D Pro 3 3D printers, the time has finally come! The greeny+ MegaFactory will soon be ready to launch!

After the construction and installation has been completed, we can begin operations in Baiersbronn and thus the production of the greenyGARDEN HOME with joy and excitement.

And the best comes last! We are exactly on schedule! Here you can find the first impressions to look at, enjoy and share.