Our goal. Our idea.

Foreword by OBI founder Prof. Manfred Maus

A unique company

"When I first heard about the greeny+ vision of producing products for a healthy life and daily self-sufficiency using sustainable 3D printing, I immediately remembered the years when the company OBI was founded.

As co-founder of the hardware store chain OBI, I am very pleased to be able to accompany greeny+ in my thoughts. In 1970, I too was fascinated by the implementation of an idea that would turn the existing world on its head. Then, as now, people react to global change and change with skepticism and an explanation of why the change won't work. I have learned to ask what we need to do to make change work and I am happy to be able to contribute this life experience. Anyone who wants to change something with an idea must be convinced, courageous and have perseverance.

Since many aspects of greeny+ create new meaning for people, they will use the opportunity to create change in their own lives through the products and their contemporary production. I would like to thank greeny+ for the courage and initiative to implement such an innovative and future-oriented concept and to build an international brand and a successful company that will sustainably improve people's lives with meaningful products. Good luck!"

Global food access

Healthy food and clean water through innovative cultivation concepts

The goal is to give as many people around the world as possible access to healthy food and drinking water and to show alternative cultivation concepts for home users and large-scale production.

Greeny+ MegaFactory

Efficient future of production

At the same time, we would like to point out the advantages of our greeny+ MegaFactory 3D production system and show how effective and sustainable production can be. Healthy nutrition and healthy drinking water are extremely topical topics.

An answer to BIO uncertainty and inflation

Security in self-sufficiency

Many people are now unsettled by the misleading and high-priced organic offerings and have discovered through crises and inflation what advantages self-sufficiency can offer. We want to continue to promote exactly that.

Tom Mouse | Board of Directors and Managing Director

greeny+ is simply more

As an entrepreneur, I have supported many start-ups and projects, read hundreds of new “early stage” ideas and it was always about advancing innovations and helping them achieve a relevant position in the market. The content is intended to make people's lives better and move the world forward a little.

Every idea has to be so good that it's fun and meaningful to get excited about it every day. From the first second it was clear that the “greeny+” project would be the most relevant, unique and meaningful project that I have ever supported.

“It can't go on like this!” That's a sentence that you hear again and again as a cliché, but which unfortunately becomes more and more important every day if, on the one hand, you follow global economic, climatic, social and societal developments on a daily basis and, on the other hand others see children growing up in a world that is deeply divided between almost panicked altruism, self-expression mania and indifference.

greeny+ will make the world a little better. Helping people to live their lives sustainably and healthily and giving children a new understanding of the environment, body and lifestyle. Our meaningful products show that sustainability, design and efficiency can go hand in hand.

Tom Maus in conversation with Willi Plattes