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May-Promotion: greenyGARDEN HOME

May-Promotion: greenyGARDEN HOME

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Fresh, Pure, and Nutrient-Rich: Provide yourself and your family with fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits all year round, in organic quality!

The greenyGARDEN HOME is an innovative indoor aeroponic planting tower that can fully meet your needs for vegetables, herbs, and fruits. It fits into any apartment and autonomously takes care of your plants' well-being. This allows you to harvest and enjoy fresh, organic-quality vegetables, herbs, and fruits daily.

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  • Sustainable
  • Healthy
  • Simply

Product details

For more information you can download the greenyGARDEN HOME brochure here .

Product advantages

• self-sufficient self-sufficiency
• high overall cost savings (e.g. water)
• Seasonal independence
• Space miracle for self-cultivation
• Little time required for care

What is included?

  • 1 x Planting tower (consisting of 6 elementary individual parts)
  • 36 x plant inserts
  • 36 x seed baskets
  • 36 x plant support rods
  • 1 x Tesla coil
  • 1 x pH set
  • 1 x Gardena pump including timer
  • 1 x 72l water tank
  • 1 x digital water level indicator
  • 1 x greenySEED BOX / SEED STARTER SET / Cultivation starter set (enough seeds for one year composed of seeds of various leafy vegetables, salads & herbs)
  • greeny+ plant fertilizer (0.5l) and possibly anti-pest set (0.5l)

My bonus gifts

Our May offer includes a high-quality, engraved tea carafe from VitaJuwel + the unusual cookbook "Krautstrauß".


60 day money back guarantee and a legal warranty of 24 months.


Delivery takes place 90-120 days after paid order.

Grow more, with less effort

The power of aeroponics technology

Imagine harvesting fresh, healthy plants, all without soil and with minimal water use. With our aeroponics towers, this advanced technology becomes part of your everyday life. The advantages:

1. Space-saving design: The greenyGARDEN HOME utilizes vertical space and allows you to grow more in a smaller area. Perfect for city dwellers or those with limited garden space.

2. Faster Plant Growth: Aeroponics accelerates plant growth by delivering nutrients directly to the roots in a fine mist, ensuring faster and healthier development.

3. Reduced water consumption: Save up to 95% water compared to traditional farming methods. Our closed system circulates water, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious gardeners.

4. Specially prepared or processed soil: For the benefit of your plants, growing in the aeroponic system is clean and efficient. You can grow your favorite plants, herbs and a wide variety of vegetables without much effort.

5. Improved Nutrient Absorption: With exposed roots, plants absorb nutrients more effectively, resulting in more vigorous growth and higher yields.

6. Year-Round Harvests: Indoor aeroponics systems are not affected by seasons or weather conditions. Enjoy fresh produce straight from your home all year round.

7. Easy Maintenance: Our aeroponics towers are designed for simplicity and require minimal maintenance,
making them ideal for both beginners and experienced gardeners.

It's that easy

How it works

  • Insert plant basket

    Plant seeds of your choice in a cube of soil that you place in one of the 36 plant inserts. Whether crunchy vegetables, herbs or sweet fruits, the greenyGARDEN HOME offers you the freedom to cultivate your favorite varieties.

  • Water and wait

    Fill the 72 liter water tank and add the required fertilizer. Our simple system makes caring for your plants a breeze – perfect for busy lifestyles.

  • Harvest fresh daily

    Look forward to a quick and bountiful harvest! Within just four weeks you can enjoy fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs and selected types of fruit in your home that are growing right before your eyes.

Sustainable & natural

You can grow all of this

You can currently grow over 100 plants from untreated seeds according to Demeter standards. Demeter stands for untreated, natural seeds and healthy harvests at your greenyGARDEN HOME. You can buy the seeds in many places.

  • aubergine

  • basil

  • chili

  • Peas

  • endive

  • Oak leaf lettuce

  • Cucumbers

  • Cherry tomatoes

  • Kohlrabi

  • Lettuce

  • mint

  • Chard

  • Romaine lettuce

  • rosemary

  • Red pepper

  • arugula

  • Wild strawberries

  • And much more!

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The greenySEED BOX with seeds according to the Demeter standard

The greenySEED BOX is the perfect storage for your seeds. You always have all your supplies in view. You will soon be able to order the box via our greeny+ online shop.

Using solid seeds (e.g. Demeter seeds) the high quality of your harvest is guaranteed. Natural, original seeds produce the best possible results and the greatest possible enjoyment in a greenyGARDEN HOME. Healthy and simply delicious.

You will receive the greenySEED BOX with initial equipment for your greenyGARDEN HOME for free.

The greenyGARDEN HOME in under 2 minutes

Revolutionize your home with sustainable aeroponics

Discover the greenyGARDEN HOME


Removable plant containers

How can you make daily use of the greenyGARDEN HOME even easier? We looked intensively into everyday handling and incorporated our ideas into the final product. Our 36 plant inserts can be completely removed from the middle section of the greenyGARDEN HOME. This makes planting effortless and you can bring your fresh harvest straight to the table or kitchen.


Pivoting GROW lightsabers

A special highlight, which is an absolute novelty in the field of aeroponic planting towers, are the lightsabers that can be folded out and folded out. This innovative technology allows you to adjust the light intensity to the growth of your plants. Best of all, the GROW lightsabers are not only swivelable, but also dimmable and are equipped with the latest generation of high-quality LEDs. This allows you to adjust the light needs of your plants.

What differentiates us from others?

Why greenyGARDEN HOME?

Diverse harvest
Discover the greatest variety of plants with our aeroponics tower. Whether herbs, vegetables or fruit – our system allows you to grow a wide variety of plants all year round.

Elegant design
The greenyGARDEN HOME combines functionality with aesthetic design. Made from high-quality materials, it is an eye-catcher in any room and promises longevity.

Taste & Nutrients
Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, our aeroponics tower guarantees a tasty and nutritious harvest.


Where can the greenyGARDEN HOME plant tower be placed?

You have the freedom to set up your greenyGARDEN HOME in the location that works best for you. All that is required is that there is a power outlet and the room temperature is between 18 and 28°C.
The greenyGARDEN HOME is specially designed to take up little space with a diameter of only 66 cm and to fit in every corner of your home. With its height of 200 cm, it still offers enough planting space to provide your family with fresh salad, vegetables, herbs and fruit.

It is entirely possible to place your greenyGARDEN HOME on the balcony or terrace, as long as the temperatures are appropriate. Avoid direct frost and direct summer sunlight.

What should you pay attention to when caring for and maintaining the greenyGARDEN HOME plant tower?

Both depend on the equipping of the individual planting places.

Further details can be found in the included instructions for use.

What are the advantages of the greenyGARDEN HOME plant tower?

  • Self-sufficient self-sufficiency
  • High overall cost savings (e.g. water)
  • Seasonal independence
  • Space saver for self-cultivation
  • little time spent on care
  • Rich in vitamins & nutrients
  • No pesticides, no pollutants
  • Traceable organic quality: transparency through home cultivation.
  • Lighting and irrigation fully automatic
  • Freshly harvested

What types of planting towers are there?

  • Aeroponic planting towers
  • Hydroponic planting towers
  • Aquaponic planting towers
  • Earth columns and stacking pots
  • Modular planting towers
  • Upcycling ideas (in which plant towers are created from old gutters, drinks bottles or pallets, for example)

What is the advantage of an aeroponics tower?

For example:

  • Efficient nutrient absorption
  • Water saving
  • Space saving
  • Faster growth
  • Control over environmental conditions
  • Lower risk of plant diseases

What types of aeroponics towers are there?

There are different types of aeroponics towers that differ in design, size and functionality, such as: E.g.:

  • Vertical aeroponics towers
  • Horizontal aeroponics towers
  • Tubular aeroponics systems
  • DIY aeroponics towers
  • Modular aeroponics towers

Is there anything to consider when choosing plants and vegetables for aeroponics?

Yes, when selecting plants and vegetables to grow in aeroponics systems, some factors should be taken into consideration, such as: E.g.:

  • Plant density and space required by the plant
  • Root structure of the plant
  • The adaptability to hydroponics
  • Yield potential of a plant

→ At the beginning, choose smaller plants and fast-growing varieties that are capable of harvesting a sufficient amount quickly in order to gain your first experiences of happiness and success with your greenyGARDEN HOME.

→ Only in the second step and with a little more experience in using the greenyGARDEN HOME can you approach more complex varieties and types of plants.

If you have any more questions, take a look at our FAQ page!

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